Video Tutorial » How to manage users and groups

A separate module called Security System is available for furnishing these tasks. Using this module you can add or manage new or old groups, users, roles, privileges to control user actions. For better understanding, smooth running and secure accessibility we have added one or more pre defined groups, users and permission templates.

The technical meaning of the term user and group management is to provide one or more login credentials with object level user's grant and revoke permissions, whereas its traditional meaning in simple fashion is, WHO CAN DO WHAT KIND OF WORK.


Here the term user mean to indicate about a person and group mean to indicate about the collection of users. The meaning of term access rights is to have acceptable or denial permissions applied on a particular set of works. The meaning of term object level is directly pointing to the kinds of work.


For better understanding let us have look on a sentence; you boss says, "Hey Anand, you cannot collect the student fee but you can view its related reporting." Here, Anand refers to as user, student fee collection refers to as object having no add permission.


Now we are going to manage all these activities in a simple manner. For this let follow the guidelines:-
  • Click on the ERP Services menu,
  • Go through [security management] » [open extended security management]
  • In the upcoming window, on the left pane, click on the user
  • All the available permissions will appear to you and thereafter perform the rest of the setup as you needed.
  • To create new users, right click on blank area in the right pane.