Video Tutorial » System configuration of main module

This configuration lets you provide the flow control over the core functioning of Sainofy SchoolSOFT. Using this configuration you can handle how to create registration number, admission number, student's account number and other print systems.

The system configuration of main module actually acts like a commander or interpreter. Its prime function is to collect the main directives from your end and thereafter it makes the correlation between your directives and the core functioning. The entire system is supposed to be fully dependable on its algorithmic command and hence it seems like the sole responsible for passing data from one module to another.


The data whatever submitted by the user is about to first validated inside its inline bullet proof logical gates according to your set of directives, and, after getting no validation error result, the refined data then finally sent to subsequent called module, so that time consuming method can be overcome.


Now let us go through its configuration process:-
  • Click on the File menu
  • Then from then upcoming popup menu, click on [System configuration]
  • Be sure that you are on main module because, every module has its own separate dashboard