Video Tutorial » How to add student information

Student's registration, admission, account creation and their fee structures can easily be entered by viewing this video tutorials. You can manage all from one window. You can also mention the current closing balance of the student whatever your account section says. An import facility is also available. Using the import tool you can migrate your data from your existing software or excel files.

You can record the extensive set of student information and digitally able to link it to your traditional manual registers at the same time. The input parameters are designed to qualify CBSE and state government norms. Any additional customization will be acknowledged as the assets and hence therefore you will get the updates accordingly without affecting your budgets.


Since 2007, as we have been emphasizing and implementing the streamlined measures onto this software for the purpose of collecting more and more information about student, because everybody knows that everyone's data is their prime asset. Thesedays it is playing a vital role in terms of submission of various kinds of reporting to the CBSE Board and state government event in some cases to the district level also.


Now, we are coming to the main point, the question is: how can we add student information in our school management software?


The process is very simple and user-friendly, which is as follows:
  1. Login to Sainofy SchoolSOFT with available login credentials,
  2. Now you will have the dashboard,
  3. Click on Master Entry menu, and then choose Registration Master entry,
  4. Now, find out the Add button, which is generally appears on the right top corner of MDI Window Sheet (Note: The predefined shortcut key is F3),
  5. And, fill out all information regarding to the student whose academic information is being submitted,
  6. After filling out the potential information, click on the Save button.
Wow, you have really done it, how simple it is !