Why Sainofy SchoolSOFT is the leading School Management Solution in the market?

Sainofy SchoolSOFT is a perfect school management solution specially desinged for schools and institutions. It costs you low amount but with high peformance. This school management solution contains salient features like fraudulent activity prevention, reminding you about your forgetfulness, recording activity logs etc. There are so many reasons that you can't avoid while choosing the right school management solution. A high volume of its customer testimonial prevails its success story. This school management solution is designed and developed by Sainofy InfoSystems Muzaffarpur, Bihar.
have you still been pulling your hair out by finding right school management solution
school management solution why product is different High performance @guaranteed low cost, Avoids fraudulent activities, Reminds your forgetfulness, Records activities into log files for future use perspective, Runtime error tracking, Automatic & Manual downloading for New Updates, A powerful student SHIFT and student TRANSFER operation tools which are used at the time of new session creation.


school management solution 25 reasons why should you choose us You may have one or more queries before choosing our school management solution, don't worry, here we have the right reasons behind this to clear your queries out. Our school management solution has been equipped with user friendly design, easy customization, scalable, multi-user environment with nTier achitecture, secure, strong backup system, easy integration with any third party modules etc.


school management solution customer testimonials Our school management solution which is also widely known as Sainofy SchoolSOFT, is a secure and trusted by hundreds of our customers from all districts of Bihar, India. We do not believe in new client creation, what we believe is to provide you a quality product and customer friendly services. Therefore our client list is increasing rapidily. Please keep in mind that customer satisfaction is only our motto.