Video Tutorial » How to generate demand bill exclusively

In our school management software, this feature generates demand bill for only one student at a time. It recalculates monthly, quarterly, annually, sessional charges depending upon the on-screen month(s) selection, and hence student's account will have all possible fee updates so that the the current outstanding can be aggregated and reported properly.

Here the term exclusively distinguishes itself that we are tending to define only one student selection at a time.
Despite of using tool named Demand Bill Generation For All Classes you've been equipped with an additional tool named Exclusive Demand Bill Generation.


Sometimes, any school management system often meets the following situations:-
  • Wanted to receive student fee collection in advance either for the upcoming one or more months within the current running session or for the upcoming session (in special cases) also,
  • Wanted to re-calculate all applicable fee structures for a particular student,
  • In exceptional cases, for continual month selection also (rarely used, but features are also available)
  • Student gets some discount and school wanted to re-calculate or re-generate demand bill to be able to take the discounted amount get effected.


And, therefore, this optional tool is always used to get the desired and consolidated result based on the aforesaid situations.


Now it is high time to go with this tool.
  • Click on the Transaction Menu
  • And choose Generate Demand Bill Exclusively option (Note: F10 shortcut key can be used)
  • In the required upcoming window, follow the rest of the on-screen instructions.