Video Tutorial » How to generate demand bill for all classes

You can generate demand bill for all students from all classes either by selection of one-by-one classes or all at once. By using this method all required monthly or annually or sessional charges will be imposed on student's account number. You must read on screen instruction before proceeding.

It is a mandatory tool which is used to generate or calculate demand bill on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly basis as according to school management system.


This tool requires to get different set of information to be able to calculate or re-calculate or generate or regenerate the demand bill, therefore we have distributed all these required information collection systems into different follow-up pages, and finally wrapped all follow-up pages into one wizard based window. All required information is gathered from within a single window, so you don't have to move here-and-there.


Now let us move towards its way:-
  • Click on the Transaction Menu
  • And choose Generate Demand Bill
  • In the required upcoming window, follow the rest of the on-screen instructions.


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